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The Ganga is considered to be the most sacred river in India and it originates from the depths of theGangotri glacier. The Ganga, otherwise known as Ganges, brings purity to human life. By bathing in her sacred waters, one is purified to the core of their being. Hindus believe that this river flowed in the heavens and it was brought down to earth to purify the land. Lord Shiva tamed the river by trapping it inside his hairlocks and releasing in seven tributaries. From ancient traditions, Gangajal (Ganga water) is used for religious and auspicious works. Whether it’s a birth of a child or death of a person, everyone is purified with Gangajal.

Another important fact about Gangajal is that it does not get spoilt for a very long time.Gangajal is supposed to destroy the sins and gives salvation and to people’s wishes and desires. Scientific research has proved that the River Ganga starts from Gomukhand flows until it reaches the planes. During its entire journey, it crosses many types of vegetation. That is why it has medicinal qualities in its waters. Scientists have also found that the River Ganga has many living organisms that do not allow its water to get polluted. On the contrary, they destroy the agents that pollute water.

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Prayagraj Gangajal

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